feet, fur, & sweat

foot MASTER who enjoys using subs as they were meant to be used, at MY sweaty, beefy feet. any posts (and re-posts unless noted) were taken by (or are of) ME.
SIR lives in the US, in NC to be specific and does travel. and I am pleased to hear from subs who hunger to find their place at MY feet.
questions SIR finds to be interesting or displaying true hunger will be honoured with a response at My discretion.

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lucky foot pig at MY stinky feet. yes, MY feet.


#malefeet   #erkekayağı   #erkek ayağı   #chubfeet   #chubbyfeet   #chub feet   #chubby feet   #bearfeet   #bear feet   #plumpfeet   #plump feet

lucky foot pig at MY stinky feet. yes, MY feet.

much appreciated, sub. you would not be the first sub who thought it was a DOM to kneel and submit at MY feet. from your message it sounds as if you are fighting with yourself….something inside you tells you that you are meant to serve at a MAN’s feet, that you want to exist to please a MAN but are having trouble doing so. let go, let yourself experience what you hunger. I think your true nature will quickly show itself once you do.

as it should be.

SIR appreciates your compliments. to answer your question sub, I post what I choose to post; but as I have previously posted these pics of a very hungry willing sub giving his all to please ME while wearing a suit, SIR decided to re-post for you to enjoy.

yes sub, it would be an honour to be drenched in MY piss. for many subs, a MAN’s piss is addictive. once it seeps into a sub’s pores, it literally craves more. fags like you were meant to be piss marked by MEN like ME. and good we both know it.

appreciate it when MY dedicated foot pigs recognize MY stinky feet when they pop up in other places, even when uncredited.

Hot Foot Daddy

I love your blog on Tumblr and on Flickr. I wish I could service you to completion!

much appreciated, sub.   pleased MY blog can help excite and focus you; make you more aware of what you crave and where you belong!

feels so good in MY hand… you want it in your mouth, don’t you faggot?

then get busy and lick the dirt off MY feet, and if you do a good job, SIR might let you have a taste….

ME. sweaty.